The Most Popular Chinese Idols 2023

The Most Popular Chinese Idols 2023
The Most Popular Chinese Idols 2023

We love to watch tv so much. Especially Chinese Idols. Some of us liked these Chinese Idols because of good acting and Singing performance.

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We choose The Most Popular Chinese Idols 2023 according to your votes. This list is composed of the best Idols from Popular Chinese Idols. You are interested Articles: Chinese Handsome Men, Chinese Handsome Guy, Chinese Good Looking Men, Chinese Handsome Men Over 50, Handsome Man In Suit, Chinese Handsome For Men, Chinese Handsome Single Men.

Do you like Chinese Idols? Are you a fan of Popular Chinese Idols?

Nominees of The Most Popular Chinese Idols 2023:

  • Xiao Zhan (X NINE)
  • Wang Yibo (UNIQ)
  • Lucas (NCT)
  • Hendery (WayV)
  • Xu Minghao (SEVENTEEN)
  • Jackson Wang (GOT7)
  • Lu Han
  • Kris Wu
  • Cai Xukun
  • Bi Wenjun
  • WinWin
  • Lay

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The Most Popular Chinese Idols 2023. Voting Contest

Xiao Zhan (X NINE)
17,876 Votes 79.02%
Wang Yibo (UNIQ)
2,370 Votes 10.48%
Xu Minghao (SEVENTEEN)
1,374 Votes 6.07%
359 Votes 1.59%
Others Chinese Idols
208 Votes 0.92%
Bi Wenjun
175 Votes 0.77%
Jackson Wang (GOT7)
158 Votes 0.70%
Lu Han
30 Votes 0.13%
23 Votes 0.10%
Kris Wu
14 Votes 0.06%
Lucas (NCT)
14 Votes 0.06%
Cai Xukun
12 Votes 0.05%
Hendery (WayV)
8 Votes 0.04%

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